What Our Clients Say

Dear Edwin and team. I don’t even know where to begin in terms of how much you guys have exceeded both my husbands and I’s expectations. We were hesitant initially as we’re both punjabis and the norm is to usually go with a punjabi team as they are more well versed with all the culture and events. However I’m so glad we went with our gut and chose Edwin as our photographer and also his videographer from Asia productions, Sia. We had many concerns and questions but they were so patient answering all of them. Our wedding was such a memorable day for us and I’m so so so pleased with how the pictures and video turned out. We specified how it was important for everything to look raw, candid and natural. And they delivered. All the pictures and videos were captured so beautifully, full of emotion and heart. From start to finish, they were super professional, extremely punctual, very very very accommodating to all our requests, helping us with the poses, which turned out looking so natural. I couldn’t be happier. We’re so glad that you guys were a huge part of our wedding and I can’t thank you guys enough. We would for sure recommend Edwin and his team to everyone. Love from kabir and nirmal xx

Nirmal+ Kabir

Hi Edwin, thank you so much for the wonderful photos. We have scanned through some photos in your camera and love how all the effects and background have turned out. You gave us such a great experience for my prewedding. We love it!
We wish you continued success and will see you again on our actual wedding day. Great job and keep it up! Love, Rynn and Yong

Rynn + Yong

Very professional and experienced Photographer. Have good experience and no stress feeling for my Pre Wed Shoot. A very friendly photographer and make up artist. Highly recommend.

JR + Felicia

Service is first class , and the photo taken by our photographer , Edwin tan was excellent 
追寻几个摄影师 ,最终在老公的高要求之下选择最专业的 Edwin Tan ,拍完照就知道没有后悔选择因为他的专业超乎我的预料之中 ,拿到照片之后我此生无遗憾  我很喜欢 !!!!! 化妆师老婆 AgnesYip 也是非常细心非常专业 完美!!
#melbourne april’2018

Gordon + Siew Mun

We engaged Edwin Tan and his team for both our prewedding photoshoot and our actual day wedding photoshoot after searching through multiple photographer’s portfolios online. It was clear that his photography was outstanding.

He didn’t disappoint – for our prewedding photoshoot every photo was beautifully composed and shot. He made even the most ordinary locations and people look amazing.

As for our actual day, this was a gruelling 6.30am to 11pm day involving multiple locations. We also had a long list of like-to-have photos. Edwin and his team tirelessly managed to capture every single part of our very long day, not missing a thing.

Throughout it all, Edwin and his team were patient, professional and accommodating! They were an utter joy to work with and we are delighted to have engaged them as our photographers for this most important event in our lives.


Super good! 
The wedding photo are magic, super natural, catch the perfect moments, atmosphere, spell the most out from background location, human happiness, charm, charisma, of course human beauty 

Peter + Seiw Li

Thanks Edwin and Edy. Both of you are truly amazing!! Both of you not only captured the moment of our actual day but at the same time put us, all the camera- shy group at ease. The team are easy going, funny yet professional. Words can’t expressed how grateful we are with the team! Wonderful pictures! Excellent team!! Thumbs up!!!

Jennifer + Chua Yee

Very professional team of photographer and the photos look perfect! Can’t ask for more

Li Ling + Chun Hoe

Thank you very much to Edwin, Agnes and team for the wonderful maternity photoshooting. We love the outdoor photos very much as it really portrayed a very special feel. Thank you also for accomodating us in capturing the background sceneries that we want. Definitely great work


No words can describe how grateful we are to have Edwin and his team to become the photographer for our prewedding and actual day. There is no doubt that he is indeed one of the best photographers that one can count on. With his easygoing and fun characters, Edwin has made both of us whom are usually camera shy feels more relaxed during photoshoots. We love his works so much for the attention to details and for his instincts as a professional photographer. We have received so much compliments from our friends and families on all the beautiful moments captured through his lens.
Dear Edwin, Agnes, Edy and the team, thank you again for your patience and all the help and support given to us. All the best to all of you!

Goh + Fiona Loo

From my ROM to my pre-wedding photoshoot and to my actual day ceremony and reception, Edwin Tan Photography, Wedding Photographer Edwin Tan has never failed to surprise me. Iceland is beautiful of its unpredictable weather, we went through four season in a day. However bad the weather is, Edwin can still make wonderful photographs. He sees moments through the lense of his camera. Execellent job!

FC + Ellen Goh

We are absolutely delighted to be able to find a awesome makeup artist and photographer that create such beautiful frames for our pre-wed shots!
Thanks Edwin Tan Photography, Wedding Photographer!

Kaiyi + Jasmin

Hi Edwin, June, Edy, Marcus
Thank you for all your effort and professional on our prewedding photograph. We love it all the way. And it enhance our wedding grade and looks gorgeous.
All of my family members and friends said your photographers team are great!!! They said all the pictures can speak out our love story in silent. Amazing~
Btw, thank you all of you again.
Caiden & Cadia

Caiden + Cadia

Thank you Edwin for your beautiful captures and your extremely professional service! We have the most unforgettable pre- wedding photography shooting in Paris, all credit to you and your wonderful team =) Thanks for your patience to make this a relaxing and cheerful experience. We love every pictures! and Special credit to Agnes for her skillful hair do and make up =)

Dennis + Aniline

Edwin and his team is humble and extremely professional. My wife and myself felt very secure under his lead when he directs us to pose during our photoshoot. Edwin is not your average photographer but goes out and truly over delivers. One of the best things we’ve done for our wedding is to engage Edwin and his team. Look no further!

Kelvin + Ellen

We need to specially thanks Edwin Tan & his teams Edwin Tan Photography, Wedding Photographer that capturing a life-time memories of us on our wedding day.
I find it hard to put into words how delighted we are with the photographs you took at our actual wedding day (2), pre-wedding (2) & R.O.M. Looking through them brings back memories of a wonderful day and you have captures it all so well – it just makes us smile! Your professional and interpersonal skills are excellent and have resulted in not only some lovely formal shots but also a great selection of natural pictures of everyone looking happy and relaxed. We have had numerous positive comments and feedback from our guests about how you were on the day and also with the quality of the finished product. A lot of folks will advise to meet and discuss your wedding with a number of photographers before making a final decision. We knew within ten minutes of first meeting Edwin that he was the right choice for us! Once again, many thanks for capturing our very special day.
Not to forget, I would like to say huge thanks to Agnes Yip Agnes Yip for being my MUA for my entire wedding journey (from pre-wedding to actual day). I can’t possibly thank you enough for all your hard work on our wedding day. You made me feel so special and beautiful! And I got so many compliment from my family & friends. You are brilliant at what you do and I was so lucky to have you with us for preparation on the day. My makeup did not budge through crying, laughing and drunken dancing! I am so glad that I had you as my makeup artist on our big day.

Stella + Raymond

Simply amazing! Ediwn and his team covered my Muslim marriage and Sangeet night, his vision is truly a gift. You can sit back and relax and trust his judgement, he won’t miss capturing any moment. His editing work is also brilliant. He will have you looking back at your photos over and over again.

Tahzeeb Absar + Nazia

Edwin Tan and team! Loved Edwin’s work and loved how he dealt with the bridal party and kept on encouraging me even though I was a little bit upset with the rain

Vinoven + Bhrendtha

Edwin and his team went over & beyond. He is attentive, easy-to-communicate, and ensure that you feel relaxed during the photoshoot. He is very open to communication during the photo-shoot to ensure that if we have any request or kind of photo’s we wish to have, he would try and ensure that if it’s possible, he’ll make it possible. Thank you Edwin.


Hi Edwin and Agnes
Just wanted to say another massive thank you to you both and your team for capturing (and enhancing!) the beauty of our wedding. Of course you were right that there was no way we could get up in time for photos at the sea villa! We hope you were able to enjoy the resort a little bit on Monday morning.
Agnes – I’ve had so many compliments on my make-up that I can’t thank you enough. My family is particularly excited about the airbrush and your magical eye-make up actually survived my being thrown in the pool multiple times!

Eugene + Jessie

Hi Edwin, Agnes and June,
Timothy and I are extremely grateful for working with your team in creating an amazing suite of photos for our pre-wedding. Although it may feel like a very short time, but each moment, and each picture captured was special. Thanks for your patience as well, and for cheering us on when we were paddle-boarding. It turned out to be harder than we thought- but you’ve always remained calm and cool.
Special thanks to Agnes too for her attention to details in the make-up and hairdo. She was always so gentle and calm that it keeps me relaxed. My friends and families are already Wow-ed at the release of our first pre-wedding picture, and we can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with them!
Tim & Tara

Tim + Tara

Hi Edwin
We would like to thank you and your team (Agnes, Edy and June) for being such a pleasure to work with while taking our pre-wedding and wedding day pictures. Your goofiness and eagerness to push boundaries during the photoshoot really rubbed off on us and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Agnes also did a very good job with Adeline’s make up, making her the happiest bride ever!
The results of our pre-wedding photoshoot, especially the night shots, were stunning. Our family and friends were also amazed by the pictures too! We are anxiously awaiting our wedding day photos.
All the best for your company and we hope to be able to engage you again in the future (for our kids’ photos maybe?)
Best regards
Kah Leong and Adeline

Kah Leong + Adeline

Dear Edwin,Edy and their team,
I and my husband (Denis)would like to say thank you so much for contributing to our very special day. Edy and his team exceeded our expectations. They are so patient, pleasant, and professional to work with; it made our day even more wonderful. I would love to recommend them to future brides if they are looking for a great photographer who is kind, experienced and professional! Thank you so much again,You all are the best.

Abby + Denis

Hi Edwin, we just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge “THANK YOU” for the beautiful pre-wedding and actual day wedding photos. A BIG Thanks to your team Edy and June too. You guys have truly captures the essence of our day providing us with so many stunning and wonderful images. You have captured all the emotions, laughter and love perfectly. We would say to hire a photographer for our wedding is a MUST because the wedding day will go by fast, almost in a blur, and having those moments captured can stay with us for lifetime! Nevertheless, all friends and relatives keep praising the stunning and extraordinary Pre wedding photos. Thank You Edwin, Edy and June for capturing our wedding in such a beautiful way! You guys did a tremendous job!
YY and KF

Yoke Yee + Keng Foo

如果有追踪我 facebook & instagram 的朋友都知道我对照片的要求很高
海平线不可以斜,建筑物要直,不喜欢太 3D 的照片,最重要是要拍到新娘要高腰瘦!
所以在参考了三十多位摄影师的作品和比较摄影费后,最终决定聘请这位专业的国际摄影大师当我的冰岛婚纱摄影师 Edwin Tan
Edwin Tan Photography, Wedding Photographer 提供许多国外婚纱摄影配套,像 Paris, Santorini, Italy & Australia 等等包括摄影配套,摄影师和化妆师的飞机票都还不超过 RM10,000
Jinn Wu – Bespoke Designer Bridal Gown 是本地数一数二的婚纱设计师
虽然朋友们和男朋友都对那件粉红色的婚纱又很多意见,只有 Alex Yap 一人支持
谢谢专业的 Edwin 摄影师, Agnes Yip 化妆师和 JinnWu 婚纱设计师尽量配合我难搞的要求
tips : 带上暖暖包和准备热饮料 (大头虾的我买了暖暖包但忘了带,也忘了带保温壶)
夏天 (五月到八月,日常夜短,六月至七月 24 小时都是白天)
冬季 (九月到四月, 日短夜长,一天只有六小时是白天)
因为冰岛摄影的地方距离很远,从 A 至 B 的地点需要驾驶一至两小时
如果不是要拍冰洞 (十二月才开放)五月至十月到冰岛拍摄是很好的月份
至于想拍冰洞的朋友,建议做足保暖功夫,选择长袖的婚纱。毕竟在冰冬拍婚纱实在太 Cool 了,别说目前马来西亚还没有一对情侣试过,连全世界也屈指可数。
Follow her on https://www.instagram.com/joannejojobi/

Joanne + Miki

Edwin is a very professional and humor photographer with full of patience. Even though we are not very good in posing and give the best smile at first, but he is willing to guide us step by step to make it look more naturally. He never lacking of idea even we chosen a new location for our photography session. He is able to change a simply staircase into a grand staircase! To let us experience steel wool photography, Edwin, Agnes and the team work together with us until 1.30am midnight which I dont think any other photographer willing to do so. The outcome is amazing. We really appreciate the whole team!!! Same gratitude goes to Agnes for the makeup that makes me look gorgeous. She followed me for the whole session to ensure my makeup, hairdo and dress are in perfect situation. With her experience, my gown and veil always look great.Thanks to Edy, Barney, June and Alester also for the big help throughout the session. Edwin and the team give us great memories!

Sara + Liew

Engaging Edwin Tan as my profesional photographer was one of my must-haves during my wedding preparation. Let’s just say I was willing to change my pre-wedding photoshoot and actual wedding day to accomodate his availability. Having Edwin Tan as my photographer during my pre-wedding photoshoot in Kyoto was a breeze. This was despite the fact that I decided to do the photoshoot during the busiest weekend in Kyoto in the midst of the Sakura season. Edwin was easy to work with and the epitome of professionalism. Crowded places was not a problem for him to get outstanding pictures. His ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary means he never runs out of ideas and suggestions. My husband, never a fan of pre-wedding photo shoot until now, was convinced Edwin could make anyone look good posing even with just a pencil in an empty room. My husband and I were informed by friends that posing during pre-wedding photos is no easy task. Some couples would succumb to restlessness and start losing patience with the photographer. But we had no such experiences with Edwin. He gave us clear instructions on how to pose and we reached an understanding between each other in a matter of minutes. We pose, he shoots. Picture perfect. It was that easy. Engaging Edwin tan as my photographer is the best decisión. Engaging Edwin Tan as the professional photographer is the top most priority in my wedding preparation. I actually checked Edwin’s availability before I set a date for my pre-wedding photoshoot & actual wedding day. Yes, I fixed the dates to accommodate Edwin’s calendar. Edwin and he gave us many advise based on his past experience. My photoshoot is probably one of the most difficult ones as I went to Kyoto during the most peak season. But Edwin managed it well. He managed to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. My husband who wasn’t keen on doing photoshooting actually enjoyed the whole pre-wedding shoot very much. Everyone is very impressed with the pictures. A lot of people find that doing pre wedding photoshoot is very tiring and they do not want to do it again. But for me, I enjoyed every single moment of it. If I could, I would do photoshoot with Edwin over and over again. Engaging Edwin as my photographer is the best decisión we made for our wedding. Thank you again Edwin for the great work!

Lauren Foo + Simon Lim

Hi Edwin,
We have just received our photos a few days back and what can we say, it is amazing! Eugene and I would like to express our extreme gratitude to you and your team for doing such an amazing and fantastic job with high professionalism. The pictures brought us straight right back to the memories we had on our special day that went past in a blink of an eye. We are so glad that we had you there to capture all the precious moments on our wedding day.We knew right from the start that you would never disappoint us from the moment we have decided to sign up with you for our pre-wedding shoot and our actual wedding day. The pre-wedding pictures were absolutely beautiful and we love it! It was indeed a long day, but you made it all fun and easy with your quick and clear instructions. As I’ve mentioned before, if it was not for your portfolio that we have seen, we would never have chosen the locations we had for our pre-wedding shoot. Your unbelievable photography skills just made it all look so pretty and serene although it was all muddy and wet.Please send our thanks to Agnes for the beautiful makeup she did for me during the pre-wedding shoot and all the help in getting me changed, Alan, Edy and the rest of your team for the beautiful snaps they have taken for us. You have a wonderful team of photographers that were so easy to work with and to communicate with.Our heartfelt thanks once again for all that you have done for us. Thanks for giving us a very memorable once in a life time experience.
Eugene & Kristy

Eugene + Kristy

We had Edwin as our photographer for pre-wedding and actual day. We did our pre-wedding shoot locally last year but we told Edwin we wanted the overseas look (due to budget constraint). Sure enough, every single person that viewed our photobook couldn’t believe the shots were taken mostly in Putrajaya and praised Edwin’s photography technique! We were worried at first that we would pose awkwardly during the shoot but Edwin gave a few simple instructions and we got warmed up real quick. We had fun and the photos turned out to be fantastic!Our wedding day was last month and Edwin, together with his assistant Alan Leong, shot some incredible images for the day and compiled a very beautiful slideshow. We received many compliments from friends and families, even from some that previously did not really believe in paying for professional wedding photography. Edwin and Alan were professional, easy to communicate with and we’re very satisfied with the service.Last but not least, my wife really loves makeup artist Agnes, whose simple but elegant style gained a lot of compliments, even from fussy aunties. She also followed us throughout the entire pre-wedding shoot to make sure my wife looks the best! Thanks Edwin and team!

See Hoon + Sherrine

It was a 4d3n trip to Bali for our prewedding photoshoot. We are really glad we got Edwin Tan Photography, Wedding Photographer and Agnes as our wedding photographer and makeup artist. It was tiring and extremely awkward to have strangers gawking at us locking our lips, but also fun and memorable. However, we are more than happy with the photos, thanks to the wonderful photographer and his assistant.

Xin Yu Koh + Tan Kang Wei

Sincerely appreciate and Thanks to Edwin Tan & Agnes Yip for your company throughout out pre-wed photography session and nevertheless your excellent service! We really have fun throughout our shooting. As mentioned by you, pre-wed photography is not about only the photo itself, it’s about the experience and memories to cherish! See you soon on our actual day!
p/s: This photo make us look like “Journey to the West”

Keng Foo + Yoke Yee

Hi Edwin Tan,Ching and I want to thank you & Edy for all the work, time, and sincerity you put into our wedding photographs. The photographs you captured are absolutely priceless & the slideshow.. It is absolutely AMAZING! We are so honored and grateful for your time and talents at our wedding, thank again for all you did to make our wedding so wonderfully memorable. grin emoticon

Kerching + Ching

Dear Armadale, John and I would like to send our greatest gratitude to the entire team that was on board for our wedding. Big thanks to Jasmine and Judy for your advises and in helping me with my countless visits to choose my dresses. They were so beautiful! To Edwin Tan, Eddie, Foong and Yang, we truly appreciate your professionalism and wonderful personalities during the photoshoot and cinematography on the 15th of Nov 2015 despite the sunny weather. We absolutely love the photos and videos, they capture every moments perfectly and we couldn’t ask for more. Your team is truly amazing and we just want to send our best wishes and appreciation to your team! Best Regards, John & Amanda – 15.11.15

John+ Amanda

Dear Edwin
Cant thank you enough for the lovely pictures. The general consensus from both Andy and I as well as the rest of the family is that they are absolutely gorgeous. You and your assistant (whose name I regret has slipped my mind) have managed to capture some fantastic moments. We especially love the fact that you have managed to capture the vivid colours of the wedding and made us look splendid.
It was everything and more that we could have asked for.
All our love,
Subha and Andrew
Subha + Andrew

Edwin,The job you doing is so noble.. Your work captured great moments which People will remember a lifetime. That you so so much helping people relive their unforgettable moments every time they look at your pictures. The pictures you take can describe a thousand words and u can see so much life in it.. Even the people who were not there would feel like they were there. Keep up your excellent job and I sure hope you don’t stop doing it !

Joy + Mohan

Edwin is an amazing photographer. I am so happy that we found Edwin and the team as our pre-wedding photographer. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I definately will recommend Edwin to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease.

Rachel + Michael

Love his work of photography skills. He’s definitely one encouraging photographer that encourage couples to explore more of the potential beautiful shots. My husband and I had an amazing experience while we took our pre wedding photoshoot in Suzhou and he’s definitely one photographer I would recommend to anyone!

Jasmine + Chee Chung

Dear Armadale Wedding team,
Gladys and I would like to extend our gratitude to Jasmine, Edwin Tan and Agnes Yip. Your team has been amazing in guiding us from choosing the wedding gowns to the locations of photoshoot. We were nervous at first but Edwin Tan’s professionalism and clear instructions had transformed us to temporary models on the pre-wedding shoot. The pictures created were beautiful and artistically done. We are very satisfied and thankful to have hired you as our photographer. Wish your team all the best and continue winning awards! you guys deserve it =)
Best Regards,
William & Gladys

William + Gladys

Edwin, thanks for being our Prewedding photographer. We are truly seriously had an extraordinary journey in Indonesia. We were amazed by your professionalism and work ethic. It is no doubt that you will gain more succeed and glories in the future. Take good care of your health and hope to see more from you in coming days.
One last thing, let me know when gold medal is awarded

Jennifer + Fiance D Niello

Greetings Edwin, yivon and I would like to thank you for the wonderful photos and guidance for our pre-wedding photoshoot. Really appreciate all the hard work Agnes, Eddy and you have put in for the shoot. Also thanks for your team’s professionalism while conducting the shoot. We hope to see you soon once again! Heartfelt thank you from Yivon and James

James + Yivon

Hie Edwin Tan, Foong & Armadale team, we just want to say a big thank you for a job extremely well done! The photos you sent were fantastic, you made us look so lovely. The shots were so candid and natural yet so well thought off. Foong & team, the cinematography montage was superb, thanks for taking the time & effort to start shooting at the church the day before. We truly appreciate all the 3 photographers & 3 videographers that covered our wedding, you were all pleasant, friendly, accomodating, made us feel at ease. Definitely the best decision we ever made was appointing Armadale to capture our big day! We just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Risberg & Rhema

Risberg + Rhema

Hi Edwin,

Really thank you so much for all the lovely photos. It’s beautiful and it’s what we wanted. Really no regrets for appointing Armadale as our photography and videography team!! Words couldn’t express the joy while we looking through all the photos, can’t imagine when we saw AD photos & video.
Chel + Bernard

We actually had loads of fun, taking our wedding pictures in Paris.
We literally walked around town in suit & gown, savouring hotdogs from the foodstand like any tourist would do. Oh yes, we locked our lock @ Love Bridge too ~
Some shots we were more adventerous to climb up certain pavements. Else, how to get up so high? Haha. Thank god we didnt break any bones.
We’ll post up some funny photos at the end of the album, so that all of us can have some laughs later, aight?
Edwin Tan & Agnes Yip must’ve heard this many times, but we will still sing our praises. Thank you for guiding us along the shoot, we woke up early together (5.30am for make-up), run around together, learned some tips (no chu zui pose), and glad Edwin Tan took potraits photos to be shared with our parents as well.
This time, I would like to say thank you to Jasmine Hue, for all the effort and detailed preparations done with us before our shoot. Appreciate every single advise and attention given during wedding dress try-out sessions, to gown-fitting, to video making, to car decoration. I can officially say, you are the person I met most in preparing for the wedding. Haha !

Arina + Eric

Dear Armadale,
My husband and i would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.We are extremely glad we choose Armadale.With no doubt ,you guys are the best in the industry. The Armadale experience has been amazing.Since day 1 i stepped into your place , everyone has been so pleasant and accommodating. Joanne Lewand Jasmine Hue ,thank you so much for being so sweet and calm especially during my bridezilla moments.jasmine hue you have been very patient and entertained all my request.It been a pleasuring dealing with you ladies.
Dear Edwin Tan,
You are an exceptionally amazing photographer. You take the most beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for coming all the way to dubai for the pre wedding shoot.Your one of the most humble and kindest photographer i have ever came across. Please thank agnes on my behalf,for all her magic making me look like a beautiful bride.My family and in laws keep complementing your pictures,they are truly amazed by your work.You and foong truly captured all the beautiful moments on our big day that we will treasure for the rest of our life.
Dear Liew Szet Foong,
You can’t imagine how much everyone loved the video.So many compliments from all our guest.My family and friends told me they watch the video over and over. It is extremely beautiful,it really made many people cry.Michael and i loved it very much.
Thank you once again Armadale,for making the most important day in our live,exceptionally beautiful.We are looking forward to see the rest,I’m sure it will be amazing.

Jasmine + Michael

Dear Edwin & Agnes !
Many many thanks for everything today!
Both of you are so helpful and great at guiding us in this photography session!
Agnes your make up & hairdo is awesome, neat and elegant!
Edwin, the photos you capture were really remarkable, stunning & amazing ! Thumbs up
We truly appreciated both of your professionalism here. Looking forward to see our photos
Convey our thank to Edy as well !Regards
Scott & Joeyp.s both of us so freaking sleepy now haha, if we knew both of you so good in your job then we might able to sleep well last night

Joey + Scott

Hi Edwin,
We just wanted to say thank you for your services on Saturday. Saw some photos from the tea ceremony on the Armadale FB page -very nice! Looking forward to seeing the final photos.
Nikki & Ken
Nikki + Ken

Thanks Edwin and Agnes for the awesome pictures… We both enjoyed every moment and every clicks from both of you…

Peter + Janice

Hey Edwin, Just browsing through my wedding photos and I realised that I still owe you a testimonial!!! I have to apologise. It’s been 2.5 years since my wedding day, a lot of changes have been happening, but better late than never! Here goes: Edwin was a true gem that we’ve accidentally stumbled upon just when we were beginning to hunt for our wedding photographer. We’ve met up with him once after reaching out to him. Truth is, even before we’ve met with him, our hearts have already decided that he will be our photographer for our big day! Fortunately, he was still available when we inquired and the rest as they say, is history! He was the most talented and easy-going guy to work with. It was in his work that we found the sense of style that we were looking for and represented us the most in our wedding journals. I am amazed by the fact that with the erratic and spontaneous events and moments happening on actual wedding days, he was able to capture most of them (if not all) beautifully and has given us the best photos we can ask for to treasure for the rest of our lives, so much so that every time when we look back and browse through the moments, the memories return fresh in our minds, and they always make us smile. Trust us when we say that wedding photographers are a very important element that makes up a beautiful and successful wedding day. And Edwin helps couples achieve just that. Eric and Sharon xoxo

Eric + Sharon

Thank you, Edwin Tan, for doing such an amazing job and for being so patient with us. We really love the pictures that you and your team shot. Our only regret is not having enough time to take romantic shots before the dinner because we’re sure you would have done a phenomenal job. Nonetheless, you were able to capture many priceless and unforgettable moments at our wedding dinner, so beautifully. These captured moments and memories will be cherished forever. Thank you once again! We will definitely recommend you and your team to our family and friends. 
Kind regards,
Vilasini & Singam
Vilasini + Singam

we just wanted to say that we are both very happy with you and Foong and your teams. You all did a really great job, the photos that we have seen on Facebook look amazing and we look forward to seeing them all, and you were all really friendly and helpful. Thanks very much!

Chwen Ling and Wei Kit

Chwen Ling + Wei Kit

Hi Edwin,
Sorry for our delay in reply. We know this thank you letter is long overdue.
From the very start we had such high hopes invested in you and we knew that you wouldn’t disappoint us or let us down …and you really haven’t!
We’re blown away by all of the photos, there isn’t a single image we don’t like. In fact we couldn’t pick them for the slideshow and in such short of time. I remember back to when I first messaged you that I’m getting married (finally) and how I waited in anticipation and fear that the hiring of such a high-end photographer all the way from Malaysia to Dubai would be far out of our price range. We wanted a memory in this beautiful city where Mattias & I first met . What most would’ve thought of as a summer romance turned to be something real , real enough to build a life together in a country far away from home. J So, right from the very outset you were exactly what I wanted and told Mattias about you. He approved you instantly so we agreed to go for it, and you didn’t disappoint! Your generosity, style and  ability to take stunning contemporary photographs has truly blown us away. So there you go – thank you for being such an amazing photographer for our pre-wed and witnessed our simple ROM. And we totally loved the professional makeup and hairdo by Agnes – a classic set that could swing and move but off my face. Not forgetting Jasmine and Joanne for the help on the beautiful gowns and for the great customer service. We adored your NEW red gown so much; I am totally over the moon with the photographs taken of me in it. And the collection of gowns Armadele has is superior, though I had to reduce the dress count due to tight event schedule.  Joanne was so sweet and understanding. All your top notched  recs/referrals/associates were spot-on too, and pleasure to work with. Our appreciation to Json and the crew, Jovita Lo Weddings for the wonderful memories for us and our guests.Once again, “Thank You” a million times over.
Love, Mattias & Eunice

Mattias + Eunice

Dear Edwin & team,
Thank you for the lovely pre-wedding photos and sharing the photos on time as promised.
First of all, we would like to give a big thanks to Jasmine for helping Sandra to select her gowns for the pre wedding shoot. Jasmine is jolly and easy to get on with. She understands Sandra’s pattern very well and know what type of gowns to select for her after the first gown try out session. Thank youu Jasmine:) Sandra really loves the champagne gown and the stunning red evening gown!
And of course, with such beautiful gowns, it has to be complimented by a very skillful make up artist, Agnes. At first, Sandra was nervous on how her make up will turn up to be because it was the first time for her to make up by someone she is not familiar with. However, it turned up to be excellent! Sandra felt very comfortable with Agnes all the time as they can “ke po” so much together.
Last but not least, a big round of applause to our first class photographer, Edwin. He is a flexible man. Before we began our road trip in Tasmania, he reminded us that we can always request to do some shooting if we see any beautiful sceneries. He volunteered himself to drive for the whole day. Sorry for ‘bbq-ing’ your hands .
Edwin’s photographer skills as well as posing skills are excellent! Thank you for teaching us ‘newbies’ to pose differently during the shooting. Haha. Another good thing about him is that he showed us the photos after shooting at each single spot to make sure that we are happy with it. He is someone who really knows customer’s need.
We will surely recommend your fantastic team to our friends!
Once again, thank you very much for giving us a memorable once in a lifetime experience.
Sandra & Andrew

Sandra + Andrew

Despite the rush and hustle, crazy traffic in Bali, we managed to pull through the mountains, the sea , a crazy horse and a quaint and vintage French cafe in the beautiful island of Bali.
Thanks Edwin Tan for the wonderful pictures and Agnes Yip for the make-up & hairdo
it will be an experience that we would not forget.

Wen Ming + Jenq Uei

Dear team from Armadale Wedding,
3 months has passed since our wedding day and I know this has been long overdue, but Kin Weng and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our greatest gratitude and thanks to your team for the wonderful job you have done to make our wedding day so special.
 I remember that our first consultation occured about 1 1/2 years ago at your Damansara studio. Ever since then, we had a great pre-wedding photography experience at Putrajaya Pullman and UPM. Thereafter, we have successfully pulled through a very busy schedule on our wedding day.
We are thankful to your team for the beautiful bridal dresses (received many compliments from family and friends), beautiful photos, same-day
edits and professional attitude from Edwin and his team, great pre-wedding makeup by Agnes, and the wonderful Joanne and Jasmine for always giving me the best for everything: friendly, patient (for my sometimes ever changing appointments), and dedicated.
 Having looked back at our photos, we’ve been reminded that the success of this beautiful event was driven from the dedication and hard work of the team. Thank you all!
Wishing you all every success you deserve.
With love,
Elaine & Kin Weng
Kin Weng + Elaine

Hui Yee and myself would like to thank team Armadale for the lovely pictures from Sydney! Seen them all last night and they were mind blowing!! Definitely not a let down and you guys show what it meant by “you get what you pay for”! Thank you again to Edwin Tan and co!

Stanley + Holley

Thank you Armadale Weddings for such a good services. .
Thanks Jasmine, for assisting my fiancé gowns and also keeping the white beautiful gown that my fiancé loved!
Thank you Edwin Tan, not only you created us a fabulous/ great/outstanding/fantastic photo, you do also create us a wonderful experiences.
Thank you Agnes Yip, you make my fiancé the most beautiful girl. ️
Great Team and People. Making my pre-wed a wonderful one️

Brian + Irene

Cheng Mun: Thanks for developing all the nice photos for me & steven pre-wedding, the outcome was nicely & professionally done.We are very happy with the outcomes (even though I was kind of camera shy J, those pictures are natural , vibrant with storyline)Steven was excited as he had so many “Modelling shots”!
Steven:Thanks again on a job well done, we really did enjoy during the pre-wedding photo session moreover you have provided us not just a photo but a memories for us to cherish through many years to come.

Cheng Mun + Steven

After my hubby and I had some pictures taken by a photographer in UK where we got married, I was not entirely satisfied with the quality of photographs produced. I then came across the Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographer post and was looking through the photographers who are based in Malaysia’s portfolio. The moment I clicked into Edwin’s blog, I was so impressed by his work and I think that he is such an inspiring and creative photographer. His work captures the special moments of each couple and his photography perspective is really artistic. Based on that, I booked him right away for a pre-wed shoot for when I get back to Malaysia. Edwin was very helpful via emails as that was the only method I could contact him since I was still in UK at that time. On the day of the shoot, I met with Agnes first for make-up and hairdo. She was really easy to get along with and we were chatting away as she was doing my hair and make-up. Once she was done, I went up to the mirror to see my new transformation and I was entirely wow-ed by her skills. My hair was done in a way I’ve never imagined I could pull off and she did a perfect job! She made me look so classy. As for the make-up, need I say more?? She’s probably the best make-up artist I’ve ever encountered in my life. Sadly, on that day, the weather was pretty poor and it was raining pretty much the whole day. Edwin was very helpful in suggesting alternative options as he was worried that we would not be able to get good shots. In the end, we managed to find some spots with shelter, even had some rain shots and some night shots. It was a really fun experience as he engaged with my hubby and I really well to ensure that we are not too stiff or nervous in front of the camera. He did his best and put his photography skills to work despite the weather challenge. We’ve just received the pictures in the thumb drive the other day and all of the pictures came out absolutely gorgeous. I don’t usually look good in photos and does not like taking photos but I really find that the pictures he took of us is SO GOOD! My hubby and I are entirely satisfied with the whole experience and the end results. We’re glad we chose Edwin as our photographer. Now, we’ll get to show off these beautiful pictures to our friends and family and to our kids in the future! He’s not Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographer. To me, he’s Asia’s Top Wedding Photographer. Thanks Edwin and Agnes!

Clinton + Carmen

it all started in Paris, that was when me and my beautiful wife started our amazing adventure with Edwin and team.

For many wedding couples out there, I believe it would be your first time taking your wedding photo. Threading into the unknown, not knowing what to expect and what to do.

We engaged Edwin for 3 shoots, 1st pre-wedding in Paris, 2nd actual day wedding in Singapore and 3rd dinner in Malaysia. I had thousands of photos and having a headache choosing what would be the best photos for us…

During all the shoots Edwin will guide us patiently and tell us what to do. He is very professional and always on the lookout for angled shots and he is good at using natural light and reflective surfaces to add flavour and character in every shot. As a result, many beautiful photos.We are honoured with some photos with awards in the 2012 International Loupe awards and also features in Wedding Tatler.

We also credit Edwin’s assistant Alan who is also a very skilled photographer who takes really nice closeup shots. Thank you Alan, we really love your photos as well. Credits also to Agnes who did my wife’s beautiful makeup in Paris.

For those out there who are scared or dont trust someone else easily, to engage his services, i can only share that Edwin is not here for a 1-time transaction, he is here for the long run and because of the credibility he has established over the years, alot of his business are through referrals and word of mouth.We would like to thank Edwin,& team (Agnes, Alan & all) for the beautiful photos and the experience you have given us.

Best Regards

Shaun & Alice

Alice and Shaun

Being a person that’s set in his ways, and majority of the time has a pre-made up mind on things, you have been able to change that.  My interest and view of photography has always been little to nonexistence and I am here today to tell you that with the pictures that you captured for us during our pre wedding shoot, it has all changed.

You managed to show me to look at pictures and photography through your eyes, see what you seen, capture what you captured and showcase what you have showcased, create what you have created and mostly the passion that you are so passionate about.

We are indeed very delighted with the outcome of our photo shoot, to the point that it was a real challenge for us to even shortlist your pictures for  display, the desire for us to show all of your work is indeed a burning flare.

I appreciate your patience with us, at least with me, how you could relate our daily lives and the joy and happiness of our occasion and transformed it to something that is visually simple…. Simply… PICTURE PREFECT!


Siow Lee Aun

Joanne + Siow

My husband and I had already seen a couple of other photographers, and we sort of had decided to go with one of the others we had seen. But then when we went to see Edwin, after leaving his office we both simultaneously agreed that we definitely have to have Edwin take our wedding photos. And this is a decision we never regretted! We have now thousands of beautiful wedding photos that all our friends and relatives (and ourselves!) admire! Initially going in for a simple on-the-day package for our two wedding ceremonies (Hindu and catholic) and dinner, we ended up taking a pre-wedding package in Penang and a photobooth for the dinner, which ended up bringing lots of laughs to our guests of all ages!

Edwin has been great! He was patient enough to sit with us – a clueless couple as to what we expected and were looking for in our wedding, and especially pre-wedding photographs, and discuss. His suggestion to have a photoshoot in Penang was great, and he made it so easy for us – it is strange to suddenly pose for someone for the whole morning, but he made the whole experience much fun! His partner is also a make up artist and she came along for my hair and make up – which worked out great. And throughout the wedding preparations, we trusted Edwin’s suggestions and experiences and never regretted it – he recommended our wedding planner, who also did an amazing job as well. So, Edwin has been someone that can be trusted to recommend you to the best people that you need, and someone you can trust to give you the best experience possible – for those uncomfortable moments of model-posing during prewedding shoots, or any other time before and during the wedding.

Edwin has managed to provide us with stunning photos for both our hindu and catholic ceremony, as well as our dinner reception, without any direction given from us – he knew what photos to take, and how to make you laugh while taking them. And he was great in terms of answering a long list of questions of a paranoid bride before confirming him – what back ups do you have in case your camera breaks, etc!

So, we would definitely recommend Edwin to all the new couples out there looking for the perfect photographer to capture their wedding!

Arun and Eva,
July 2012

Arun + Eva

Dear Edwin & Team,
It was very important to us to find the perfect photographer for our wedding, and we’re glad we made the right choice by picking you. The wedding SDE was amazing (we’ve watched it countless times since) and we were blown away by the rest of the wedding photos which we received last week. The photos capture all the important memories of our day, the laughter and happiness, romance and love, excitement and fun… so many lovely candid moments that truly bring the pictures to life. All our family and friends love your work too. We can’t recommend you highly enough.
We’d also like to thank you for your great service, from the valuable tips & advice that you gave us, to the dedication you and your team (Alan Leong) showed in getting the best shots throughout the day. Most of all, your friendly and flexible personality made you so much fun to work with, putting us at ease to fully enjoy our big day. Thank you for making our day special and memorable. We do have one regret though… you were so busy taking photos for us that we did not manage take a photo with YOU for keeps.
All the best with your future endeavors. Looking forward to more award winning shots from you in future! 
Pei Lynn & Ignatius
Now we only have one problem…

Thank You Note from Pei Lynn & Ignatius

To Edwin and Team
We found Edwin by chance through a Malaysian bridal magazine that my husband happened to browse through. Exploring further, we were so blown away by the pictures on his website that we decided to make a trip down to KL to meet him in person. After-all, we must feel comfortable with the photographer we are going to work with on our big day. The meeting went well and Edwin came across as a friendly guy who is accommodating; in fact he doesn’t have the “airs”  of some other photographers whom we have met. We decided to engage him as the photographer for our Actual Day on 6th Jan 2012 for our wedding at The Regent (Singapore). It has been several months since that memorable day and we would still look at the works done by Edwin and his team (3 of them came!) with fond memories. His photographic works can be art pieces by itself and the full size poster will fit nicely in our new home. To others who want a friendly, easy to work with photographer with excellent after-sales service, Edwin and his team is a clear choice. To those who want something more than your average documentation style of wedding photography, Edwin’s photographs will leave you speechless. Many are simply pieces of art and some have even won multiple awards.  So, kudos to Edwin and his team and many thanks for making our day even more special. We wish you the very best and hope to see more great pictures:-)
Hong Xian & Mei Qi
(Singapore) 6th Jan 2012
Hong Xian and Mei Qi THANK YOU NOTE













Rena and Norbert

The first word that pops’s into my head when I think of Edwin Tan is he is nothing but a pure GENIUS!! That is the only word I can think of to describe how talented this guy is.When I was planning for my wedding…a great photographer was my topmost priority…something about his work just seems to stand out amongst the others. His shots are more that just a picture… it portrays your emotions…what you felt at the exact moment and he manages to capture it and delivers the message even without words being spoken. I knew engaging him as my AD photographer was the best decision I made and I was right!! When I first obtained my DVD from him, my hubby and I were very anxious. The minute we got home, we rushed to our PC to view our pictures…. The DVD casing was beautiful and I love the handpicked image printed on all the DVDs…superb! And Oh boy!! The pictures came out perfect!! He supersedes our expectations actually…as we go on with the pictures we went “waa” to “wow” to “OMG” till we were lost for words…you totally made my day…Thank you Edwin…for all the magnificent photographs….they were simply breathtaking!! Also a special thanks to Alan Leong and Nicholas Leong too…you guys were great!! Thumbs up and keep up the good work…
Stay magical…
Evelynn & Paul

Evelynn and Paul

“We just received the DVD today, and they were mindblowingly AWESOME!!!
First of all, upon opening the package, we were pleasantly surprised by the impressive DVD box and our personalized photo on the DVD. And the photos were breathtaking. You captured all the moments perfectly, and we loved your photo editing too. From the UPM fence and one tree hill, the picnic’s vibrant colors, the pizza bar, the pool table (that was really different and nice), the photos in the bedroom and also the angry birds… we loved them all! Can’t stop viewing them now. We had so much fun during the photoshoot thanks to your sporting and affable personality. And you must have spent a lot of effort touching up the photos as we remember how hot and sweaty we were. It was so hot baking under the sun for our picnic scene, yet all the photos look like we’re just cool and chilling!  Thank you,So glad we picked the right photographer for our photoshoot. Am looking forward to more photos on our AD next year :)”

Ignatius and Pei Lynn

Dear Edwin
After seeing my (Lynette’s) cousin Simone’s wedding photos, we picked you as our wedding photographer purely by instinct and without considering any others. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding!
During the pre wedding shoot, you and your team were professional, helpful and hardworking yet great fun. Through fickle weather and last minute changes in plans you were all very accommodating. We had a wonderful day of shooting and the memories will last for a long time to come.
As for the photos, they are everything we were looking for and more! Beautifully shot, creative, natural poses, and genuine smiles and laughter. You have a very special gift and I hope you continue to keep up your passion for photography. Really look forward to working with you again at our wedding!
Dexian and Lynette

Dexian and Lynette

With many apologies for the delay in sending you this card,we wanted to say a big thank you for being at our wedding in december last year and taking such great photos to capture our lifelong memories (some of which are featured on this card which we are sending to all our guests)! we really appreciate you getting up early and going to so many venues with us. Thank you also for your patience and getting photos of Joanne smiling (instead of just looking worried and stressed!). We wish you all the best as you share your photography talents with many other couples. Joanne + Chin

Chin & Joanne

How would I describe Edwin Tan? Talented, professional, accountable, humorous, inspiring, and he shoot amazing photographs! During my search for pre-wedding photographer in KL, we came across numerous blogs and website. The images by Edwin Tan Photography stood out and caught my eye. We were very fortunate that we got listed down in Edwin’s such tightly booked schedule. Our communications were mostly done through emails, Edwin’s prompt reply made our discussions carried out smoothly.On the day of the photo shoot, we were blessed that it was a sunny day, but also a very extremely hot day. From hot air balloon, to UPM, back toPullman, then Subang airport, lastly Trash the dress, the entire session was fromSunriseuntil Sunset! All done in 1 day! Hahaha (This is a really crazy couple) =P Despite the harsh weather from the hot sun, Edwin and his team maintained their professionalism and put in great patience and effort to complete the photo shoot session. We appreciate your hardship and being such accommodative in the entire session, so sorry for making you all work so hard the whole day. It was a hectic and tiring day, but it was fun and an awesome and memorable experience. =)When I saw the first photo posted, the feeling was far beyond than excitement! It was a dream comes true! As promised, our photos were being delivered on time. We were so satisfied and pleased with the way you prepared DVDs, the photos are brilliant! Love it love it love it! The editing was perfectly done! Impressive work! We would also like to extend our gratitude to his fabulous team Nicholas, Alan, Agnes and makeup artist Remy. Wouldn’t have done it without all of you =) Thank you again to the Fantastic Edwin Tan! You are the ideal and definite choice! ♥ Evelyn & Jason ♥

Evelyn & Jason

Dearest Edwin and Team,

The moment we look through the photos you delivered to us, the expressions on everyone’s face were…“WAH! OMG! HOU LENG AH!! AMAZING!! BREATH-TAKING.. and WAHAHAA (due to some funnyshots ;p)”From the very beginning when we were searching for the ‘right one’, your name was highly recommended by one of our close friends. We browse through countless beautiful and touching photos we can lay our hands on, from the internet. We were literally blown away by all of the photos.You and you team have taken the very essence of everything that was important to us that day – the laughs, the smiles, the fun, the romance, the friendship, the family, the passion, the excitement, the atmosphere, the love ! –and you’ve managed to seal it in a visual image that depicts our memories of that day that we will love and cherish,and which will last us a lifetime!From the very beginning, we were kinda worried about hiring a high-end photographer with such precise photography skilld, due to the pricing etc.. BUT you surprised us with a very good fee + very personalized service. Indeed, you are a friendly, patient, flexible, dedicated, and talented photographer, who offered us individuality and everything and more that we wanted. You even reminded us on certain small little issues that might slip out of our mind. You were nice enough to have met up with us a year before our wedding! Even before we set our date ~This little thank you note goes only a small way to giving you the full credit and admiration that you deserve and the thanks.It was our absolute pleasure to have you and your team to take our wedding photographs and we had the most amazing day. We will be sure to recommend you to everyone and anyone, and we wish you all the very best for your future photography career.“Xie Xie Ni” a million times to you and your fantastic team!

Gratitude from Eleen & Nick

Eleen & Nick

Thanks all that present and being a part of our wedding celebration. The wedding wouldn’t be so complete if missing any of you. Edwin Tan Thank you for capturing all special moments of our wedding which of course an important event of our life. They are absolutely beautiful!

Stacia & Hanks

It is our greatest pleasure and privilege to have you as our wedding photographer. We received the photos last week and we love them very much! We’re glad that we made the right choice by asking you to do the job. Thank you so much for capturing the moments of our big day! And of course thank your two assistants for doing a great job as well.Although we reside in different countries, your great and efficient communication skills have made our discussion easier.  We were also pleased by the professional attitude that you showed before, during and after the wedding.We would highly recommend you to our friends who are looking for photographer.

Desmond & Rebecca

It our pleasure to have you as our photographer, we made the right choice.:) We love the photos, it’s very beautiful indeed. You’re one of the best photographers! Love it! Moments were nicely captured:)it’s a life time memories for me & Andy.Thanks again Edwin!

Andy & Irene

‘Edwin was fabulous to work with for our pre-wedding photo shoot in Italy. He was very professional, flexible and easy to communicate with. The best part is his willingness to go down in the dirty ground in Rome, wet grass in Tuscany, and it didn’t matter that he got dirty. Our experience exceeded every expectation we ever had. Edwin made us feel comfortable, in a professional but relaxed way. Our images in Italy are the best of us have ever had done. Looking through our photos there are many different shots that are unique and so special to us. Edwin, thank you once again for our awesome experience.’
Qurese & William

When planning a wedding there is certainly a lot to consider – there is the dress, the cake, the music, the venues… so much to think about. To me, a good wedding photographer is highly important for capturing my BIG day and immortalizing it. The first thing I looked at after confirming my wedding date and venue was to start searching for the ideal wedding photographer. Trust me, I took all possible time and effort in choosing them in order to ensure I get a service that will show up on time and that will take the best photos on my special occasion. After thorough consideration (budget, photography style, experience…) I decided to book Edwin Tan. He always replies to my questions and emails promptly (I know I can count on him to be on time) and not forgetting the countless awards he received recent years. It’s proven that I made the right choice!
Dear Edwin, Peter and I would like to thank you for the awesome same-day edit. Our family and friends love it! You have made another 2 happy clients. It meant so much to both of us to have you and Alex capturing every beautiful moments of our wedding. Now when I look back, I can relive some of the memories and some of the emotions that made me so happy at that time.Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors and may our paths meet again in the not too distant future.
From your 100% satisfied clients, Ming & Peter

Ming & Peter

We googled for a Malaysian wedding photographer and we got a few hits. Edwin’s photography stood out the most among the others. We love his photography style and composition. All the photos taken by him seem very lively, like they can tell a story. The editing is very well done and the colors are very saturated and vibrant! We love his work and he did not disappoint us on our actual day photo shoot. He
and his assistant (Sean) were punctual and managed to capture every single detail of the wedding. Our photos were delivered on time and the touch up was awesome! I would recommend Edwin Tan if you are in need of a photographer. ”

Best Regards,
Rachael & Justin

Rachael & Justin

We would like to express our appreciation for the impressive photography work by Edwin and his team at our wedding. He has a talent for depicting emotion, and capturing so many precious details in just one photograph. We liked the classic feel of the black and white photos, and really enjoyed the vibrant feeling of the coloured photos (As Indians we of course had to have a lot of vibrant colours at our wedding, hehe). In many of our wedding photos, Edwin could draw the attention to a specific person in the photo that would make the emotion or action of the person seem highlighted, which really impressed us. We loved the way he captured the beauty of the light streaming in from the church windows during our church ceremony. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional way he prepared and packaged the photo CDs. We are very thankful that Edwin and his team had a friendly and professional attitude when capturing images of us and our friends on our special day. Edwin, you are indeed blessed with a gift, and we hope that God can continue to bless you and your clients with your passion for photography

Samuel (@Roshen) & Sudha :

we received the DVD’s last week and are very happy with them!

You are an extremely talented photographer and the quality of the images you have captured are fantastic. Thank you for following up with us. It was a great pleasure working with you and we wish you much success in your future endeavors.
Mae & Jeff
Jeff and Mae (Phuket Destination Wedding)

Dear Edwin, Thanks for being More than just our wedding photographer  ! You went beyond your flexibility to provide us an engaging and exclusive experiences.  Thanks for taking your time from the start to get to know us and our stories (still remember meeting you first time at darling harbour despite your hectic shooting schedule in Sydney). We know Penang was your 1st assignment and we appreciate your effort to travel all the way to an unfamiliar remote area in the midnight just to capture an exclusive moments for us. Our wedding couldn’t have been any enjoyable if weren’t for you and your team’s dedicated commitment…
We love our pictures, but what you and your team have delivered is an “everlasting memories for our many generations to come.” Hope to see you in Sydney very soon !
Thanks again for capturing moments that’s exclusively ours…, Brian and Soo Yee

Brian and Soo Yee

‘For Edwin, photography is a passion that he has embraced whole-heartedly. He is extremely talented, with an immense attention to detail. We were truly impressed by his willingness to accommodate our last minute changes, professionalism and eagerness to ensure that his photos captured all that was important to us. His appreciation that his work became our memories is not something that you find in all photographers, and it is this appreciation that shines through in his photographs which captured our night the way we wanted.’

Yee Seng and Julia (23/5/2010)

To our fabulous photographer Edwin:
Just wanna say that working with you on the pre-wedding shoot was a real dream for us. The pictures that we received at the end totally blew us away – I’ve even had friends asking if they could show it to their friends and relatives! They were classy, simple, elegant, but also down-to-earth – pretty much everything we wanted the photos to be.
And it wasn’t just the results that got us thrilled – the shoot itself was absolute fun. Whatever camera-shyness we had became just about nothing because you were relaxed enough to let us take our time to warm up, but professional enough to direct us to produce the best shot.
Big thanks also to Andy – for producing some wonderful shots for us, and likewise for your professionalism.
And to Melaka-ite Eugene – for your resourcefulness, and for trudging along with us to find the best shooting spots!
Oh yes – and the weather was HOT, and you guys had to wait ages for me to get my (Simone) kebaya together – belated apologies, and warmest thanks for being so patient!
Thanks again for everything, and for making the start to married life that much more joyful.
Blessings always,

Simone and Daryl

Simone and Daryl (Prewedding @ Melaka 16/05/2010)

It is fun having a photoshoot with Edwin, be it a pre-wedding or a dinner/party. He’s very friendly, and adds a personal touch as a photographer to get us in the mood and shake away the nervousness. He manages to capture the most memorable moments of our wedding dinner. And of course, the photos we received in the end are awesome! His blog is a must to check out!

Jun Yian Lean (Wedding Date: 22/05/2010)

To our wedding photographer and a friend, Edwin
Ivan and I can never put into words how amazing you were during our actual wedding day!
When I first browse through hundreds of wedding photography blogs during my wedding preparations, I was exceptionally impressed by yours. The pictures were simple, yet sophisticated.
From then onwards, I have decided that, by hook or by crook, you are the ONE!
It was tough dealing with us as we were based in Melbourne but you never once delay replying to an email and never fail to keep in touch through MSN.
During the actual wedding day, you and Andrew were superb! I was impressed how calm Ivan and I was during the whole process, then I realize, because of you guys!
You guys were always there to remind us what to do (we were THAT blur!) and most importantly reminding us to enjoy the moment and have fun during one of the most important days in our life. Edwin even had the courtesy to check on my make up (after I teared up a little)!
Edwin, thank you once again for having the passion and being such a professional in wedding photopgraphy. I never stop browsing through my wedding pictures even though it had been two months since the wedding past and I will never stop.
Ivan and I wish you and Andrew all the best in your future undertakings! And we hope to see more greatness in the future (we bet we will)! *hugz*
Ivan & Ee Lane
23 January 2010

Ivan & Ee Lan (Wedding Date: 23/01/2010)

Hey Edwin,

We love your work! You did not fail to capture the actual day event of our wedding & the touch ups were done very nicely. We love the idea that we didn’t have to stop to pose to have a decent picture and yet have natural beautiful pictures taken! Besides your creativity, what stood out more was your generosity & patience in your work given the very tight & ridiculous schedule. We’ll definitely recommend you to others.

Jason and Alena (Wedding Date: 09/01/2010)

Hi Edwin,
Hope you are well. Sorry for not writing to you earlier and thank you for doing a fantastic job on our wedding (at the hindu temple in KL on the 4th of September). We really really liked the photos and the touch-ups were so nicely done. Just wanted to send you a note to thank you as i realized that I’m not sure if we did that just after the wedding!
THanks again for doing such a great job! I have recommended you to lots of people.
Rema and Joe
Rema & Joe

Edwin, thanks a lot you did a great job. you are a LEGEND (quoted from facebook feedback)

Brian & Soo Yee (Wedding Date:17/01/2010)

Edwin is a very professional photographer, they helped us in capturing our most unforgettable and cherished wedding moments. His professionalism had enriched our wedding and make it a memorable one for both of us & also to our precious guests…we owe our heartfelt thanks to him. WE LOVE our PHOTOS!
Warmest Regards,
Kaven & Apple

Kaven & Apple (Prewedding)

Thanks again Edwin for such a superb job 
Dont have to tell you how important it is for us and our families that all those amazing moments were captured beautifully.. and now stored not just in our hearts but in digital format !!

Micheal & Elayn (Wedding Date: 08/08/2009)

We get to know Edwin since last year when I first started my wedding preparation research. We like the shooting style of Edwin.. all the expressions are being captured so lively….. hence, we engaged him to do our pre wedding in Bali and also in Melbourne as well as our actual day coverage….. he is just marvelous… and able to do what we wish to……he is very passionate in photography and always seek our feedback on his work….trying all his best to fulfill our request and our dream…..

Would like to say a big thank you to Edwin on all your hardwork.. sorry to make you work even if you not well  Hope you enjoy all the time with us and hope you gain your satisfaction through our pre wedding assignments too 

Wish you all the best in your future undertakings……. All the best ya

Once again, Xie Xie! Terima Kasih!

Boon Teck and Kuan Yee (Wedding Date: 20/09/2009)

To the  amazing photographer, Edwin

I’ve always believed in recommendations, and it is through this fortunate event that I met Edwin Tan

I can’t say that I’ve been the easiest client to deal with as I reside in a different country but thankfully Edwin has patience (and speed) therefore most of the discussions were made easy via email and MSN chats. Edwin,you have no idea how glad I was when you agree to hold the 4th July spot for me. I am very very lucky. You both are very trusting and so easy to work with. You make photography fun. Thanks for taking onboard with open arms the idea of trash the dress. This is one thing I have wanted to do for so long and when I know you both were up for it, in that instance I knew I’ve made the right choice. I don’t know what special diet you two are on, but both of you have so much energy even in that intense heat after running all over the place for camera angles. I burned out so quickly during our trash the dress session and mind you, all I had to do was pose and wasn’t even required to smile at all. Sigh. It’s a major case of tayar pancet on my part as well as Adrian’s. Sorry sorry!

Anyway, to Edwin, it’s been a real pleasure knowing you 10 months ago. In that short period of time, you have obviously achieved numerous awards and personal life goals. It’s nice to see you excel in this field doing something you so dearly love. Kudos, Edwin.

Edwin as you are probably aware by now Adrian hates to be photographed but you two somehow managed put him at such ease, he almost looked natural. You will not believe that up until the 4th July afternoon he was still thinking that the whole trash the dress was just a big joke.

It has been such an honour and amazing experience working with you. The pictures are awesome!! There is no need for an ice breaker because they are so friendly and most importantly, they are unbelievably responsive, punctual and quick as well. I’ve been shocked so many times and was left wondering “How the hell did they get here so fast?”.

Lastly, Edwin,Adrian and I wish you all the best, may your hopes and dreams come true and I look forward to see where your creativity and hard work take you in the future.

Adrian& Racheal (Wedding Date:4-5/07/2009)

Dear Edwin

When Sam and I were searching for our wedding photographer we must have visited a dozen websites and we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for at the time. When I came across your website, I was immediately impressed by the quality of your work, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Thank you so much for your work, your humour, your patience, your smile, and for these magnificent photos! The sharpness and brilliance of the photography is fantastic but, more than that, your expertise at catching the moment and thoughtfulness about the little things…make it all a real work of art.

Sam and Cindy London

Sam & Cindy (Wedding Date: 16/01/2009)

Edwin ko, hubby & I would like to THANK YOU for all the “MASTER PIECES” that you have captured on our wedding day..We Love it so much. All the BEST & hope to hear you got more awards soon…Thank you!

Wai Loon & Lisa (Wedding Date: 27/12/2008)

You have done so much for this wedding. When we look back at the slides you did for us, it never failed to bring a broad smile on my face. Luis and I are truly satisfied with the outcome and just so excited when ppl tell us our photos are fantastic. We have watched the slideshow more than 10 times now, and ever so willing to show it to our friends and relatives. You earn my respect for working hard and producing such quality masterpiece.

Luis & Felicia (Wedding Date : 28/2/2009)

I am speechless as I view the pics one after another. All the emotions are coming back to me now and I am overwhelmed again! You captured everything so right, every pic speaks itself. Feels like I just got married yesterday.

Felicia Boo

Subject: Wedding PhotosDate: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:37:27 -0600Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the beautiful photos. You’ve absolutely captured the best memories of the day and kept them still for us to remember for the rest of our lives. Keep up the great work and the best of luck for the future!

Jeremy & Jamie

I have engaged them for my AD. Totally NO complaints from me!! They are just superb, accomodative and professional. Enough said. Hb is very satisfied with them, and my parents are bugging me for the photos after they saw the AD montage. Just love their works! …

Willie & Wye Ee

Special thanks to Edwin  for their great pictures ! I just can’t stop falling in love with those pictures taken by them

Samuel & Caroline

they both make beautiful photo for FH & me…. Capture all of our wonderful moments…. Make me think back my pak tor time…. Even i dun have much pak tor time with my FH…. and u know wat EDWIN if u c this…. i really felt like WASHING THE PHOTO BIG BIG & hang it as my “CHUANG TOU CHOU”…… Thanks a lot….. I’m still jumping with joySssssss……In addition not to worry about the b4 and after service bcos they give u SUPER DUPER WOOOOPER SERVICEsss…..

Wein & Adeline (PreWedding)

Dear Edwin….

Thanks for being such an amazing photographer… You leave me not only memories but tears… When I see each and every photo, you had captured… The memories flash back and touches deep down inside me…. Thanks again for capturing all the memorable moments…


Wein & Adeline (ROM Singapore)

  • Photographer : Edwin Tan
  • Bukit Bintang shots…
  • MUA : Jamie Chu, Kuala Lumpur
  • Our first photoshooting with them is at Bukit Bintang, for some casual couple shots… (night scene)… It was a great wonderful experience… We have both been shy in public and both of them have turn us into some kind of SHYless monsters after a while…
  • Photos were great and wonderful… It’s stylish – Magazine style…. We love them and great reviews have been given by the guests too…
  • ROMMUA: Dana Chang, SingaporeSecond shooting with them… down in Singapore… It have been a fantastic experience with them…Have been more crazeee with the style of photoshooting…. And to Edwin… Thanks for capturing the most touching moment for me… Till now, whenever I see the photo you took… It bring tears to my eyes… It’s really a very lovely shot… you have one photo to win all my vote for you…Overall review :  Edwin  have  very own style of capturing the moments….   funny, compliance and friendly….
Myweddingmomentz – Kuala Lumpur