After weeks of waiting, finally get my hand on the new Samyang 35mm f1.4 FE II
This is the 4th lens I added in Samyang lens series and the biggest size among it

This new weather sealed lens come with focus hold button and 2 custom switches on both focus / aperture control

With body weight 659g, length 115mm and filter size 67mm, the handling pairing with my Sony A7S3 is just nice and solid
The construction feels to be of high quality holding it with my camera
As I am currently shooting both photo and video and 35mm is one of the most regular focal lengths I use, it is important it have the good build and comfortable grip.
Samyang 35mm f1.4 FE II attached on my Sony A7S3 is a great combination

I did a quick test on the tracking / autofocusing speed on with my Sony A7S3 and the result is simply amazing

(disclaimer: no animal is harm during the process, my Cody , toy poodle already used to my stunt lol !)
With the setting on AF focus on human eyes the autofocus and tracking is so sticky and follow on spot each time !